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Dental Treatments


Invisible fillings of synthetic resin

The use of amalgam ''grey filling'' has been limited to minimal because of the mercury that it contains and which has been accused for various allergic reactions.

The white fillings of synthetic resin replaced amalgam. The intervention is done with the laser Er Yag in most cases without anaesthesia. When we have amalgam to replace, it should be removed with the wheel because it is metallic. The decay however, can be removed with laser. When the tooth is simply decaying or has already white filling of synthetic resin, then we work only with Er Yag laser.


Advantages of use of laser Er Yag

   1. Less pain, less need for anaesthesia
   2. Less use of antibiotics
   3. Manufacture without the vibrations and the noise of wheel
   4. Fast and precise cutting of tissue
   5. Without bleeding
   6. Complete sterilisation of cavity
   7. Cutting of only pathological tissue